Houston we have a problem !!








I have a problem, a huge problem! Once again I had no embroidery yarn left so I ordered new ones, and guess what? There’s a difference in the colour, it’s the same shade but it’s different. It’s lighter and more shiny and the difference is obvious, so I feel like should I laugh or should I cry? Because I can’t contiune the embroidering. I contacted the reseller and they told me the reason is because the new yarn might be from another colouring occasion :-/ . So while feeling sorry for myself and trying to figure out how to solve this, I started to sew a new dress..

♥ nütie

Back on square one !










As I mentioned before I wasn’t pleased with the embroidery, so I decided to start all over again. I still use all three shades of purple, but this time I embroider less of the most lightest purple. I also decided to embroider bigger flowers because the small flowers I embroidered before looked so tiny. In the beginning it felt difficult to cut all the flowers I had embroidered already, but now I’m very glad that I took that decision because I think the new flowers looks much better :)

♥ nütie

Start all over ??




IMG_8835_1 I have started the embroidery using the three shades of purple that you decided that I should use. I have spent many hours and many days embroidering but I must say that I’m not pleased with the result and it feels really bad, because I have spent so much time and material :/ So I consider to start all over, because I can’t continue sewing a dress that I’m not pleased with. ♥ nütie

7 shades of purple !!





IMG_8822_1 (1)


Every dress begins with an idea, or I would rather say for me a fabulous idea in my mind. I draw patterns, buy all material, sew and at last I begin to embroider. So far, it’s still a fabulous idea in my mind. I embroider one flower, two flowers, three flowers. I embroider for one hour, two hours, three hours and it’s still a fabulous idea in my mind. Then suddenly I realize how many flowers I have left to embroider and how many hours of embroidery I have left, and in that moment this fabulous idea turns into “what was I thinking” ??. And that’s were I am right now, but I continue anyway because I have to finish something once I have started. I wish you all a nice weekend, at least you know what I will be doing for the weekend :P

p.s Thank you for helping me choosing the shades of embroidery yarn, I appreciate it

♥ nütie

Now I let you decide !!


IMG_8822_1 (1)

For my next dress I wanted to use 3 shades of purple embroidery thread, but now I can’t really decide if I like it or not. So I let you decide, do you think I should use 3 shades of purple or should I skip the very light purple? Thank you :)

♥ nütie