I can almost see the end of the tunnel !!

Finally I’m working with the back part of the dress. There aren’t many flowers left to embroider now, and to be honest it feels wonderful, I can almost see the end of the tunnel. I have a tendency to get tired of my creations during the time I work with them, and right now I’m very tired of this dress. But, I’m very happy with the result and that’s the important :)



love // nütie

half finished !!

I have almost finished the front part of the dress. As you can see I embroider less flowers on the lower part, because I think it looks better that way. I have embroidered many flowers on this dress and I’m curious to know how many there are, so when the dress is finished I will count all flowers :)

IMG_7664_1love // nütie

So tired of flowers!!

I’m still working with the dress and honestly I’m pretty tired of embroidering flowers right now. But I have so much to do with finishing the collection within a few months that I have to continue no matter what, wish me good luck ;)

IMG_7602_1love // nütie

more flowers !!

Ta-daa, it’s finally looks like a dress ;) so the only thing left to do now is to cover the skirt part with flowers, and yes it will take lots of time. But I will try to finish this dress soon because I have many dresses left to embroider for my collection..

IMG_7442_1IMG_7445_1IMG_7452_1 (1)IMG_7533_1IMG_7558_1IMG_7592_1love // nütie