Final details !!

Now when I have finished the embroidering there’s only some small details to finish. For the moment I’m adjusting the length of the dress which actually takes some time because the dress consists of 3 layers, so there’s a lot of fabric to cut. But I must say that I’m incredible satisfied with the result so far.           


// love nütie

760 meters yarn so far !!

You may have been wondering where Nütie is? The truth is that I have been embroidering flowers all summer long, which means that the creation of the Flower Dress continues. The foundation of the dress is finished but I’m still embroidering flowers and I have used 760 meters embroidery yarn so far, but I still have lots of work left. 

IMG_6182// love nütie


sneak peek of the “Flower dress”

Here’s a little sneak peek of how the dress looks so far. As you can see the front part have been covered and I will begin to embroider flowers on the back of the dress. But, once again I don’t have embroidery thread left.

IMG_5489IMG_5619 IMG_5264

The upper middle flower has disturbed me from the beginning, so I decided to embroider a new flower. It really hurt to cut the flower, but the devil is in the details so I had to do it. And I’m very pleased with the result so I don’t regret it ;)


// love nütie

purple flowers !!


So, the embroidering continues and the front part of the top is starting to get covered. I have lots of embroidering left to do but you may get to see a sneak peek pretty soon of me wearing the dress.I visited another yarn store the other day and bought all the embroidery threads that were left, I guess there will not be any threads left of this shade once I’m finished with the dress ;)


// love nütie

The creating continues !!




The skirt part is almost finished, I have sewn on one layer of tulle but I will properly sew on two more layers to create more coverage. I didn’t use any patterns for the skirt I just measured and cut the fabric. Sew wrinkles!


The skirt part consists of two identical parts, one for the front and one for the back. After sewing the wrinkles it’s time to attach the skirt part onto the top part.


Now it actually begins to look like a dress but as you can see the wrinkled edge is now on the inside of the dress. I will cut it eventually and I will also cut all the threads that is visible.
I’m also considering if I should sew on a invisible zipper but I haven’t decided it yet.


One of my bad habits is that I always go on to the next step without actually finishing the first step, so I did it again. I should attach and cut all the threads, but it’s too boring so I started to embroider instead. Just like last time I will use paper patterns when embroidering so I approximately know where to embroider the flowers.
At the right picture you can see that the skirt part is very transparent and that’s why I will sew on more layers of tulle. But I have almost use the 7m of tulle I bought last week so I need to buy more fabric.


I will use two sizes of wooden frames to stretch the fabric when embroidering. I embroider the same type of flowers as I did for the “Flower Top”, consisting of french knots in the middle. Embroidering flowers!


Thereafter I sew simple stitches to create the petals and I’m very happy with the result.
I have looots of flowers left to embroider.


I don’t have any embroidery thread left after embroidering two flowers so I also need to buy lots of embroidery thread. The dress has become pretty heavy so I will not have it on the mannequin anymore because the dress is very fragile.

// Love nütie


Sewing the flower dress !!

I have finally started to sew the flower dress and below you can see what I have been working with today, I hope you enjoy it.


After a long search I finally found the right shade of embroidery thread, I chose a DMC mouline thread. For the sewing I will use Gütermann thread as I always do.


I started by sewing a test of the skirt part, I want the skirt to be very wide and I will use a lot of fabric. So I visited the fabric store again the other day and bought 7 m of tulle.


If you want to know more about how to sew wrinkles then click on the link and read one of my earlier posts: Sewing wrinkles


Next step was to draw the pattern for the top part of the dress. Read more about drawing and cutting patterns

IMG_4924  IMG_4955IMG_4934

After the pattern making it’s time to cut out the pattern of the fabric, so the first step is to pin the pattern onto the fabric.

IMG_4957 IMG_4959

It’s difficult to mark the fabric when using tulle, and last time when I used black tulle it was impossible to mark it with a pen so I used the sewing machine instead. This time it was little easier and I marked the fabric by using a black marker pen.

When cutting out the fabric pieces I left some space from the marking because I don’t want to tear the edges during the sewing process

IMG_4943  IMG_4963

it’s important to use the right stitches when sewing and I used a special stitch for thin stretch fabrics.


I haven’t sewn the parts together yet, I just pinned it. It will not be a wrinkled edge that you see in the middle of the top and skirt part. But I think that the edge looks really good so I will probably use that in another project instead.

Next step is to sew the real skirt part and then I will start to embroider the flowers, which I look forward to do.

// Love nütie